Belfast and Titanic

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to Belfast and the Titanic Museum. Belfast is a great city to explore, full of shopping, culture, and history. There are murals throughout the city depicting the conflicts that have occurred in Northern Ireland. There is a lot to understand about the Troubles period in Belfast and see how the city has completely changed since then. For anyone looking to do some shopping go to Victoria Square, an open shopping mall with many different stores. Victoria Square is also the location of a glass dome in which visitors can go up to the top and look over the city of Belfast. This is a unique experience that everyone should try, seeing the city from so high up is incredible.

If you are more interested in seeing and exploring the history of Belfast you can go the the outskirts of the City and visit the Murals. You will learn about the clash between Loyalists and Republicans that caused so many problems throughout history. City Break Tours gives you insights to places and history that you can’t get anywhere else. They also make a stop at the peace wall and give you a marker to write your own message of peace on the wall.

Belfast is an incredibly interesting city to explore and is well worth visiting. One of the main attractions is the Titanic Museum, located where the ship was built. The museum was my favourite part of the tour. It starts out with the history of the company that built the Titanic and the history of Belfast. The tour then takes you through the building of the ship, with a ride through a recreated shipyard. This is a very creative feature of the museum and I have never seen anything like it. After learning about how the ship was built you get a bit of history about the launch of the ship from Belfast and what life would have been like on the Titanic. There are replicas of first, second, and third class rooms, giving you a clear picture of how life differed for various people. Then comes the sad part of Titanic’s history. The museum walks you through how the ship crashed and what is was like for people on the ship during that time. There are stories of survivors and those lost at sea. It is a powerful exhibition that will really make you think. After that, you can watch a video of the exploration and discovery of the Titanic ship at the bottom of the ocean. This part was extremely interesting to me and was probably the best part of the museum.

The Titanic Museum has a lot to offer as you can see and is something I would highly recommend doing when in Belfast. This tour was a shorter day which I appreciated and extremely informative. It is also perfect when it rains or shines so weather won’t impact your day. City Break Apartments offers a private tour to Belfast and Titanic, allowing you to make the tour your own and do exactly what you want.


By Madison Doerr